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SIMPLE SAFE SECURE - Three easy steps to protect your child with WanderID.

Get peace-of-mind with our easy to use ID service. With just our free smartphone app, first responders in your community can quickly identify lost children. Upload your child’s photograph, input your contact info, and you have created a powerful way to protect your child.

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How does this work?

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Enrolling in WanderID is quick and easy: Take photographs of your loved ones, upload them to the WanderID website, and enter some basic contact information. You’re done! Now police or other first responders can use the WanderID smart phone app to take photographs of lost individuals and then use biometric face matching technology to search our database. If there is a match, our switchboard will quickly reconnect you with your loved one!

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You hope it will never happen, but if your loved one becomes lost, it's too late to plan. Make your family safer by discussing emergency situations in advance and then practice your responses as a family -- our guide will take you through the steps! Learn More.